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The Ongoing Adventures of Sheep Girl
Sheep Girl's World
11th-Apr-2022 09:56 am - Welcome
hockey rules <lj user=drusplace>

This is just my little lj where I post all kinds of things. Personal posts are locked, but my fandom things are not.

Currently I'm totally addicted to Michael Rosenbaum. I also have much love for James Marsters.

Feel free to friend me, but please leave me a comment so that I know that you did. If we share interests etc., I'll most likely friend you back.

Credit for banner apieceofcake THIS IS NOT SHAREABLE!!!!
13th-May-2011 07:41 pm - RIP
meter maid lex

9th-Apr-2011 03:07 pm - PIC SPAM!
HABS by me
So I found out recently that the lovely lexalicious70 is a surfing fan. So I thought I'd post some pics of my current BIG Crush (an old crush, but now a big one) since he's a surfer dude.

Scott Caan.

And you should check out one of the surfing charities Scott is involved in. It's very cool!


Surfing ScottCollapse )
6th-Apr-2011 07:42 pm - FINALLY!
hockey rules <lj user=drusplace>
Ok I know I haven't updated here in forever!!!! BUT I just found out that someone recently posted vid on youtube of FanExpo 2008.

AND it includes my question to Michael in the Q&A !!!! Something I couldn't find before. YAY ME!

I'm very excited about this.

VIDCollapse )
23rd-Jun-2010 08:34 pm - NHL Awards
hockey rules <lj user=drusplace>
Michael Rosenbaum's going to be on the NHL Awards!
3rd-Mar-2010 08:59 am - SPN Question
hockey rules <lj user=drusplace>
Hubby is wondering when new eps of SPN air????
4th-Jan-2010 11:37 am - Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
hockey rules <lj user=drusplace>
Just wanted to wish one of my favourite people a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday a_piece_of_moi
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